12am Concepts – App01

12am Concepts first app will be Highly Rated: The Weed Journal App. It’s basically a beer or wine tasting journal, but for cannabis flower. The app is a solution to the problem of remembering what strains you’ve smoked and what you thought of them.

Highly Rated ┬áinvites the user to input the strain they are smoking along with a location reminder. Then the user can rate the strain overall on a 1-5 scale. There is also a place for the user to input what they like about the strain (Highs), what they don’t like about the strain (Lows) , and a freeform notes field.

Various experiences are folded under the strain. To aid in consistent language, the inputs into the High and Low fields will be encapsulated as phrases that will be auto-suggested to the user the next time they input an experience. These auto-suggestions will be filtered as the user types. This will allow the user to generate an organic tagging system as they use the app, keeping their descriptions consistent across experiences and strains. This will make looking back through the app more consistent, and thus more useful, in fulfilling its primary function.

At this point, I have the data structures and logic basically built and I am finishing up testing them. I will soon be integrating my code with Cole’s and integrating these real data structures with their UI elements. We’ve been in pretty close communication during this whole process, so it should be pretty seamless.

After that, though, I’ll need to help Cole build the UI logic. Right now, they’re focused on layout. Soon, though, we’ll have to figure out what various buttons do and how to get the user input to the data structures through the UI.

I’m looking forward to this part of the project because it’ll push Cole into the flow-control and logic-building portion of coding. I’m excited for them to unlock the power of being able to build their UI conditionally and to automate building parts of the UI.

The next update for this app will be to announce its release and to link to our podcast update!