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12am Concepts

In order to build out a portfolio, my partner Cole and I challenged ourselves to build and release one app a month in 2020. We were inspired by Yahztee Croshaw’s 12 games in 12 months challenge for himself. Cole and I have been looking for a long-term project to collaborate on, and this will allow us to practice iterating through app development cycles a dozen times over the next year.

We have dubbed this project and our fledgling app studio 12am Concepts.

We have four goals for 12am Concepts apps:
– Demonstrate the core app concept
– Stick to a minimum viable product
– Learn something from each app
– Document and communicate our process and what we learn

For the first two goals, Cole will be focusing on the design and UI/UX of each app. I will be focused on data and logic. We will both be working in Flutter. We chose Flutter because it’s an exciting new multi-platform development framework that seems particularly suited to our rapid development focus. Flutter will allow us to release native-feeling apps on both iOS and Android from a single codebase. Furthermore, it will allow us both to work in the same language: Dart. Since I have a stronger background in coding than Cole, I can help implement the interface that that they design. It will also allow Cole to start learning programming concepts from a design perspective.

For the second two goals, we have agreed to the following documentation schedule:
– two blogs per month/app
– one podcast per month/app

We’ll each post twice a month on our respective sites. The posts will be progress updates, but also focus on what we’re learning or trying to learn in the moment. The podcast will act as a cap for the previous month’s app. In it, we’ll share with each other and listeners the most valuable and interesting concepts and skills we learned during the previous month’s work.

We have a great list start on our list of possible app ideas. That list will hopefully grow faster than we check apps off of it. A lot of weird ideas won’t see the light of day. A few will, though.

We’re two weeks into our first app. Expect the first update blog post later this week.

Check out Cole’s 12am post.