Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Black Trans Lives Matter Black Student Lives Matter I don’t have much of a platform, but people do place a certain amount of authority in my words, because I’m an educator. Parents and teachers trust me with developing their students’ understanding of the world and their places in it. Those students are […]

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bug programming computer

12am Concepts – App01 Update 3

Ugh. My efforts are being frustrated. There is a bug. At some point, I introduced a bug. As the user moves from one screen to another, there is a null reference error. And I cannot figure out why it is happening. It’s my own fault, though. A few things have happened, all bad practice, that […]

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12am Concepts – App01 Update 2

It is now March. Two full months have passed since the beginning of the year and we still don’t have our first app, Highly Rated, released. We’re not considering ourselves behind. We purposely made our project “12 apps in 12 months” rather than “1 app per month”. We knew this first app would probably take […]

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12am Concepts – App01

12am Concepts first app will be Highly Rated: The Weed Journal App. It’s basically a beer or wine tasting journal, but for cannabis flower. The app is a solution to the problem of remembering what strains you’ve smoked and what you thought of them. Highly Rated  invites the user to input the strain they are […]

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twelve a m

12am Concepts

In order to build out a portfolio, my partner Cole and I challenged ourselves to build and release one app a month in 2020. We were inspired by Yahztee Croshaw’s 12 games in 12 months challenge for himself. Cole and I have been looking for a long-term project to collaborate on, and this will allow […]

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First Client App

One of the services I want to provide more is building custom mobile apps. I recently had the opportunity to build an app for a client for the first time.

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Welcome to Know How

Thank you for visiting my website. There is more to come soon. Keep your eye on my blog for notes I post about my process in solving issues for clients, lessons I develop while working with students, and other ideas I have about learning, education, problem solving, and interacting with technology.

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