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What would you do with more time, some peace of mind, and ease of use in your life?

My clients (small business owners, organization managers, and entrepreneurs) consistently tell me that working with me has provided them with at least one of those benefits. Time. Peace of mind. Ease of use. Everyone needs more. How can I provide these for you?

  • Troubleshoot technological issues and make technology work for you
  • Complete a business-critical project that you have neither the time for nor interest in
  • Create custom solutions that fit your organization’s unique logistical and structural needs

Interested in more information about a service listed below? Please contact me.

Computer Support & Maintenance
– computer and network maintenance
– custom automation, scripts, and software
– website construction and customization
Office Space Mangagement
– move office to a new location
– reorganize office areas
– physical file organization

Project Assistance or Management
– create reports
– Excel/spreadsheet assistance
– research
Personal Assistance
– scheduling
– detail tracking
– support for conferences, expos, events

Ask me about any project, large or small

If you need it done, I have the know how.

Every client has unique needs and needs innovative solutions tailored to their particular circumstances. Below are a few of the more unique projects I’ve worked on.

This website!
I built myself. Lots of customization on top of WordPress.
Convert Old Netbook into a Retro Gaming Console

Personal Assistant for Small Business Owner for Three Days at Natural Products Expo West 2017
Convert Fortran Scripts to MatLab

Custom Android Interface to Replicate iOS
Script to Automate Publication Layout Work in Adobe InDesign

Custom Client/Project Management System
I built the system I use.
Reinstall OS X 10.8 on Wiped 2008 iMac (A1224)
a perfect storm of discontinued software and changing distribution mediums made this a challenging project

Many of my clients are small business owners, entrepreneurs, or organization founders. I help reduce the friction they experience in pursuit of their goals.

I also have individual private clients. I mostly provide on-call technology support and assistance for these clients.

I value my clients’ privacy and conduct my work with confidentiality always in mind. I will never share who I am working with on any given project nor the nature of their business. Open-information is important to me, though, and I will discuss, in general, problems I solve and how I found solutions on my blog on this site. If you’d prefer that I share nothing about the work I do for you, just let me know.

In general, both the client and I retain equal rights to anything I develop during our work together. This is open to negotiation, of course.

I can provide a plain-language confidentiality agreement to clients who want a more official, binding agreement.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me. I strive for openness and transparency.


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