Tutor-in-Residence Program

On-site tutoring is a high-value amenity for student residents

One of the barriers students experience to succeeding in their classes is an opportunity to ask questions and engage one-on-one with their instructor or some other content expert. Thus, students may seek out tutoring. There is no reliable way to find an available tutor, though.

There are two issues with private tutoring: scheduling and location. It can be difficult for both the tutor and the student to be available in the same place at the same time. This reduces the number of contact minutes between the tutor and student and decreases the overall effectiveness of tutoring.

The Tutor-in-Residence program solves these problems by meeting the residents of your housing company where they live. Your company can secure dedicated, scheduled time for a tutor to offer services on-site. This can take the form of open, drop-in tutoring, scheduled private tutoring, or a custom arrangement tailored to the needs of your residents.

With this on-site amenity, your company can advertise that residents have access to tutoring and that living at your facility supports student academic success.

Join these innovative companies in offering this valuable, academically focused amenity to your residents
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