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One-on-one or small group tutoring offers many benefits.

I adapt content to a student’s individual needs. I patiently offer many different explanations. My background in applied mathematics also means that I can offer students many real world examples and applications for what they are learning.

I have been tutoring in the Willamette Valley for 10 years. I have tutored students from 6 to 60 years old, students with attention difficulties, with math phobia and test anxiety. I have supported students with dysgraphia and with executive function challenges. Students who work with me have the benefit of holistic support built upon a background in educational studies as well as subject-specific mastery.

With one-on-one tutoring, growth and development can be acknowledged and encouraged in a way not typically possible in a classroom environment. Misunderstandings can also be caught early and corrected.

When we meet, I’m there for the student, to help them reach their goals. In general, I let the student guide the session based on what they need assistance with. They need help with homework, we focus on homework. Worried about an upcoming test, we can focus on that. Feeling disorganized, we’ll spend some time putting together a system that works.

If I think our time could be better spent focusing on something different, I let my students know. Based on my knowledge and experience, I may suggest the best way to help is to actually talk about a more foundational skill to fill in gaps.

In general, I focus more on helping students figure out content on their own, rather than just giving them information. See my Teaching Philosophy tab.

Math. All levels, from arithmetic through multivariable calculus, including statistics.

Science. All areas for middle and high school. Physics for college and university.

Computer programming.


Test prep. Placement tests. ACT/SAT. DMV Driver Licensing test. Midterms/Finals.

I will meet students wherever they’re most comfortable. I work with some of my students in their own homes.

I meet other students at various locations around town. The Eugene or Springfield public libraries are good options. There are also several coffee shops around town that provide good study environments. The University of Oregon campus also has many great locations.

The Lane Community College campus requires too much commute time. For that reason I do not, in general, meet students at LCC.

Performance of my poem “Math 001 – Math People” at Cush Cafe [language warning].

There are not certain kinds of knowledge accessible to only certain kinds of people. Everyone is capable of learning. I stick by my students so they can learn at their own pace, as I push them forward and introduce material and ideas at just the right time.

Learning is an ongoing process. There are not shortcuts, tricks, nor even concrete steps. I focus on building relationships and working with students to develop deep understanding of material.

In my understanding, there is only one process by which we truly learn: making mistakes and recovering from them. I create a safe space for students to fail fast and often so that together we can recover, understand the lesson of the mistake,  and develop strategies for going forward. Productive struggle like this aids successful learning.


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